Public Urination

Public Urination Laws & Criminal Records

Looking at a man peeing while standing, we are sure majority of the women are going through the j-thought that why men are lucky enough to be able to stand as pee without stressing over the cleanliness of those toilet seats ever. How many times while traveling or shopping or hanging out with friends women avoid drinking water or liquid stuff so that they don’t have to pee so often and you can guess why – unclean toilets. While women have to think several times before using a public restroom, men are cool and relaxed as all they got to do is stand, put their thing out and swoosh pee.

Alternative urination tools
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Sometimes urination is done in a container such as a bottle, urinal, bedpan, or chamber pot (also known as a gazunder). A container or wearable urine collection device may be used so that the urine can be examined for medical reasons or for a drug test, for a bedridden patient, when no toilet is available, or there is no other possibility to dispose of the urine immediately.

An alternative solution (for traveling, stakeouts, etc.) is a special disposable bag containing absorbent material that solidifies the urine within seconds, making it convenient and safe to store and dispose of later.
It is possible for both genders to urinate into bottles in case of emergencies. The technique can help children to urinate discreetly inside cars and in other places without being seen by others.

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